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About Us

aboutBeaver Valley Animal Hospital specializes in both small and large animals. We have state of the art equipment to help us care and treat your large and small animals.

For the large animals we have a portable hydraulic chute with scales. We also have an AI barn and all the equipment it takes to get your cows or heifers bred. We have bull testing equipment and we also have an ultrasound machine for detecting early pregnancies in your cattle.

For the baby calves we have the room to warm them up and give them fluids when they are down. Not only do we have all the vaccinations in stock but we have a portable calf cradle to help you work those baby calves.

For our small animals we offer many services. Not only do we spay and neuter but we offer many soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. We have a digital portable radiology machine along with an ultrasound machine that are great diagnostic tools. We can also do quick diagnostics with our in house blood machines. We have new pet id cards that have your pets pictures along with all of their vaccination records. We also offer microchipping and grooming.

For our equine patients we offer a variety services. We float teeth and castrate. We also offer prebreeding exams along with ultrasounding to predict those pregnancies